Class War U becomes Undercommoning

After a long hiatus, Class War University is transforming into a new project called Undercommoning.

In brief, Undercommoning is building a North American network of radical organizers within, against, and beyond the (neo)liberal, (neo)colonial university. It hosts critical discussions and engagements to build solidarity around radical and marginalized forms of knowledge and undercommons-centered power. We aspire to create heterogenous networks that will link disparate geographic locations while also facilitating meaningful relationships around local, place-based organizing.

To kick-off the project, there will be a workshop in Madison, WI on June 4th, 2015, followed by a bigger public launch this summer. For more info, check out the Undercommoning website.


  1. PermReader

    “Marginalized form of knoledge” -??? Myths,fake news, mere lies,mistakes (that are worse than lies )? Explain please.

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