Call for Contributions to a Collection of Tactics and Strategies for Abolishing Capitalism on the Terrain of Universities

Have you tried to integrate radical organizing approaches with your classes?  Have you attempted to engage your students in activist research, or militant co-research, participatory action research, etc.?  How can classrooms be better tools for anti-capitalist movements?

We’re working on a project to create tools for anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian movements on the terrain of universities.  To further this project we are seeking reflections on people’s experiences on using activist research in the classroom.  If you are interested in participating, please email us at and we will send you follow-up questions to elicit your experiences and reflections on your attempts at integrating radical organizing with your classes, including your goals, curriculum design, tactics, obstacles, etc.

Contributions will be collected into a user-friendly website as a knowledge base for others to draw on when composing their own classes and organizing strategies.  The impetus for this call came from a group that is already attempting to make such an activist research class—a group of folks from the “Occupy the AAG” meeting at the 2012 AAG (Geography) conference.  Also, we will use your contributions to analyze the limiting and enabling conditions for anti-capitalist organizing in universities, and we will present the results and some thoughts on strategies in a freely circulated articles.

Finally, a note about ANONYMITY: Considering that being open about your radical politics could threaten your employment situation, we welcome you to choose to remain anonymous either in your submission or in the public presentation of your reflections.  If you want to do so, please let us know and we will remove any identifying info from all public circulations of this project.

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