Call for Interviews- Radical Pedagogy and Organizing in Class War University

Would you like to be interviewed as part of a militant co-research project on anti-capitalist struggles in universities?

A primary goal of this project is to create tools for anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, anti-oppressive movements on the terrain of universities. Another goal is to gather the forces of our movements through having conversations and making media that connect us with each other and our resources, thereby expanding and strengthening our relationships. Toward these ends, we’d like to interview you, eliciting your experiences and reflections on your attempts at interweaving radical pedagogy and radical organizing within and outside your classes, including your goals, curriculum design, tactics, context, tensions, obstacles, limiting and enabling conditions, etc.

As we aspire for this project to be one of ‘militant co-research,’[1] we are creating it in collaboration with multiple participants—including, hopefully, yourself—and producing different forms of media from it for our multiple audiences.  Our interviews’ outcomes could include:

  • Publishing edited versions of the interviews on,, and any other websites and listserves with a receptive, anti-capitalist audience.
  • Collecting them on this website, which we’re developing for the project (—as a knowledge base for others to draw on when composing their own classes and organizing strategies.   This is part of a wider project that originated in the “Occupy the AAG” meeting at the 2012 American Association of Geographers conference, continuing conversations from previous organizing (such as the “Beneath the University, the Commons” conference).
  • Using them as a basis for analysis in our academic writing, along with articles for publication in free, open access websites and journals (some written anonymously, depending on the level of militancy of the content).  We could co-write such articles.
  • Using them in other forms for your own purposes beyond these listed here (e.g., to write texts that are tailored to the local contexts of the movements and terrains of struggle in which you are involved or for the specific context of your academic work).

Aiming for another principle of ‘militant co-research,’ we see these interviews and the wider project as mutually transformative processes—opening up our subjectivities, collectivities, knowledge, theories, goals, pedagogies, and organizing practices to possibilities of critique and change.

Finally, a note on anonymity: considering that being open about your radical politics could threaten both your academic employment and your radical organizing, we welcome you to choose to remain anonymous in the public presentation of these interviews.  If you want to do so, let us know and we will remove any identifying info from all public circulations of this project.

If this sounds exciting to you, would you like to participate in an interview, or rather, a facilitated conversation?  Our interview would take about an hour, and we would do it over Skype (so that we can record it).  If you are interested, could you please tell us your availability within the next month or so?

Thank you very much for considering this.  Do let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, and if you’d like further information about the project.

In solidarity,

Class War U

classwaru [at] gmail [dot] com

[1] On militant co-research, see, e.g., Marta Malo’s “Common Notions, part 2” –, and Malav Kanuga’s reading list –

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